Floral Coolbox
Floral Coolbox

Floral Coolbox

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Here is to those long summer days, spent on the beach. Soaking up the sun, feeling that slight spot of heat - before turning over. Seeing the sun-kissed faces around you - Sunnies, boardies and the prettiest prints in bikini's. Bronzing your skin and putting that life back into your soul.

Summer means good times, smiles and loads of vitamin D!

It can't be summer forever, but our range of bags and accessories will definitely bring some happy feel into your life.

We have got everything from Stylish totes - to makeup and waterproof phone bags with the coolest tropical prints.

Be sure to check out our must have items for some accessories you need and inspiration for your next summer.


Size  H: 16 cm,  W: 20 cm  D: 14 cm